Tigernut Sinking Carp Fishing Pellets
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Tigernut Sinking Carp Fishing Pellets

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Tigernut Sinking Carp Fishing Pellets

For those carp anglers that love tigernut, here you go! These pellets are loaded with tigernut. Just the right amount of sweet, just the perfect amount of tigernut to drive carp wild. This is the ultimate bait for PVA, pre-baiting, stick mixes and more. This is tigernut use at it's best.

We use the proper amount of ingredients needed to make our carp fishing pellets attractive to carp. Carp love everything thats goes into our carp fishing pellets and our pellets are healthy for the carp too. See below!

Our Pellets:
  • Made by Angler Carp Baits with love. Our pellets are 100% safe and healthy for fish consumption.
  • Protein Ingredients Used.
  • Carp Attractant Ingredients Used.
  • Awesome Carp Loving Flavors Used.
  • Dissovle Slowly Not Real Fast To Keep The Carp In Your Swim.
  • 2-Pounds of Sinking Pellets
Good For:
  • Spod Baits
  • Stick Mixes
  • Particle Baits
  • PVA Bag or Mess
  • Ground Baits
  • Chumming
  • and more.....

Our pellets are a good nutritional and healthy all around carp fishing bait. Great flavors, proteins and much more round out our pellets. Carp will not be able to resist our pellets and there are so many uses for our pellets.

Guaranteed fresh and ready to fish.

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