Tiger Nut and Hemp Stick Mix - 1 Kilo
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Tiger Nut and Hemp Stick Mix - 1 Kilo

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Tiger Nut and Hemp Stick Mix 1 Kilo

This is our Tiger Nut and Hemp Stick Mix. This is a specially designed stick mix to drag in the big carp. 

This stick mix is cram packed with carp fishing goodness. If carp are in the area, they will come running.

This is 1 Kilo and we even send a bottle of our specially formulated molasses syrup as a liquid mix if you wish to use it. This stick mix comes ready to use however and is as you can see by the picture 100-percent PVA friendly.

Ingredients (some of them many are secret):
  • Preparred Hemp Seeds
  • Maize
  • Chickpeas
  • Tiger Nuts
  • Several Different Meal Types of Ingredients
  • Many Nutirents and Proteins
  • Flavors and Attractants
  • much more!


Jump on in and get this, the carp are hungry!

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