Sweet Hemp with Cinnamon Coconut Carp Pellets PVA Mix

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Sweet Hemp with Cinnamon Coconut Carp Pellets - 2 Pounds

When it comes to PVA baits, Angler Carp Baits offers high producing products with special care in each recipe. This is one of our dry PVA baits but being dry means nothing, this mix has it going on.

This is not the typical PVA bait, this mix is loaded with yummy and more yummy.

Some Ingredients:
  • Hemp
  • Lot's of Nutirents
  • Lot's of Flavor
  • Lot's of Attractants
  • Our Own Cinnamon CoconutSinking Carp Pellets
  • Healthy For The Carp
  • Out of This World Smell

This mix travels the water very well and dissolves fairly quick leaving a bed by your hook bait. This PVA mix is loaded with attractants, flavors and nutrients. Of course we can't tell you our exact ingredients but this is an extremely well rounded PVA mix. We don't recommend trying to make a pack bait from this mix, this mix has many great ingredients, it's kind of heavy for a pack type bait. Besides that, this PVA mix is desiged to travel the waters and leave a layer by your hook bait not to be bound up with cream corn.

This is 2-full pounds. It's works best with wide PVA mess. Narrow is in the picture we suggest the wider mess.