Strawberry Infused Sweet Corn

  • $6.99

Strawberry Infused Sweet Corn

15 Ounces

Any experienced carp angler knows if anything will catch carp, sweet corn will do it. Carp love the natural sweetness and salts in the sweet corn, they can't resist it.

Angler Carp Baits has taken sweet corn to an entirely new level. We are now offering several flavors of infused sweet corn to choose from. This is not maize, this is sweet corn at it's finest. Infused is not just flavored sweet corn using artificial flavors. Our infused sweet corn is made using real fresh fruits and other great spices carp can't resist. This requires a cooking process that infuses the sweet corn with awesome flavors and colors. It's a process that creates a carp fishing bait that carp simply cannot resist.

So you ask, what will I use infused sweet corn for? We have the answer. Our infused sweet corn is an excellent bait to ehance or add to the following.


Perfect Addition To:
  • Stick Mixes
  • Particle Baits
  • Spod Mixes
  • Pack Baits
  • Panko
  • Chum Baits
  • and more!



Our Available Infused Sweet Corn Flavors:
  • Banana Infused Sweet Corn
  • Blackberry Infused Sweet Corn
  • Pineapple Infused Sweet Corn
  • Raspberry Infused Sweet Corn
  • Strawberry Infused Sweet Corn


We suggest if you mix our infused sweet corn in say a particle bait, you drain the syrup off and reserve for other uses such as bait scents and more. This is a perfect all around bait year round in any water temps. This bait is in a syrup like fluid that has many extremely good uses for carp fishing.

Purchase one and get $1.99 off a second one. Made with pride for the love of carp.