Strawberry Hemp Carp Fishing Dough Bait 8-Ounces

Strawberry Hemp Carp Fishing Dough Bait 8-Ounces

  • $5.25

Strawberry Hemp Carp Fishing Dough Bait 8-Ounces (just look at the goodness)

Although not as popular as it used to be, many still believe and still use dough baits. Dough baits have been a popular bait for carp fishing for many years. Dough baits are very effective if it is a quality dough bait and used correctly.

Most dough baits are just that, a hunk of colored dough for the most part. Our dough baits are quite different. We spent a great deal of time developing and testing dough baits.

All of our dough baits are brightly colored, smell fantastic and have the quality ingredients carp are seeking out. We make our dough baits to break down over time, this is a must to attract the larger carp to your swim. Our dough baits are soft enough to work into any shape you wish yet still stay on the hook. You can combine chunks to make bigger chunks, roll into balls, make square or what ever you wih to do.

We use quality attractants and ingredients, we feel if your preference is dough bait, it should be an effective dough bait. Ours is just that, cram packed full of goodness and yummies the carp are seeking out.

We have several great colors and flavors to choose from. Your dough bait will arrive fresh and ready to use.

Our dough baits are highly attractive in color, appearance, smell and for the ingredients the carp is seeking out. Our dough bait is soft but yet very durable, it will stay on your hook or you can do a wrap around your weight.

We assure you if your thing is dough bait, our dough baits will get the job done for you. Most sell in 3, 4 or 5 ounce packages, you get a full 8-ounces of our dough bait. You will notice no shape is the same and no size is the same. Our dough baits are different shapes and different sizes but you can knead all pieces into one if you desire. Brightly colored, easy to work with, stays on the hook and highly attractive ingredients for carp fishing.