Purple Color Carp Fishing Chickpeas 5 Ounces

Purple Color Carp Fishing Chickpeas 5 Ounces

  • $5.75

Purple Color Carp Fishing Chickpeas 5 Ounces

This is our purple colored carp fishing chickpeas. Chickpeas for carp fishing is a hugely overlooked and under used bait. Chickpeas make a wonderful bait for carp fishing. If you have never tried chickpeas you very well should.

We offer great flavors to choose from. Our chickpeas are prepared to perfection. Store purchased canned chickpeas are too soft and don't fare well in the water. Our chickpeas are the perfect consistency. Our chickpeas stay on the hair or the hook very well. The flavors and the color last in the water.

In addition to the chickpea color you are viewing, we have a total of 7-colors to choose from as noted below. To see all natural color chickpea flavors available, click this link. We have the largest selection of flavored carp fishing chickpeas you will find anywhere if you can even find flavored carp fishing chickpeas elsewhere. Click this link to see all of our natural colored and flavored chickpeas for carp fishing.

Available Chickpea Colors:

  • Natural Color
  • Green Color
  • Orange Color
  • Pink Color
  • Purple Color
  • Red Color
  • Yellow Color

You will need to open the drop-down box and choose your flavor of chickpeas if you are choosing this color. There are a total of 37-flavors to choose from if choosing this color.

Our carp fishing chickpeas have been tested all around the USA, Canada, and other countries. Our chickpeas have landed countless 30+ pound carps to the mats. Our carp fishing chickpeas will catch you carp.

We Recommend You Refrigerate Chickpeas After Opening!