Pomegranate Blueberry Flavored Panko 2 Pounds - Binder Included

  • $8.50

Pomegranate Blueberry Flavored Panko 2 Pounds - Binder Included

In the world of carping do you use a pack bait or do you use panko? We are fairly certain many will answer differently. So is it a matter of opinion? Maybe! Many great carp anglers prefer panko in cold water as does many feel panko is best in any water conditions. In our opinion, panko does highly out perform pack baits in cold water and even in stronger current waters.

When you purchase our 2-pound bags of panko, we include our corn maize binder completely free. This is an added bonus to make our panko perform even better.

Our panko is made fresh to order. We 100% make our own panko we do not purchase pre-made panko and flavor it. If you are ordering a large quantity of panko please expect a 2-day shipping time to allow ample drying time after cooking the panko.

Our panko has nutrients added in addition to our flavoring. Our panko performs! All carp anglers want products that perform, this product performs.

You can see our panko flavors below. We offer our panko in 2-pound heat sealed bags with an upgrade of 2 more pounds for less money. Remember, we include our corn maize binder free, all you need is a can of cream corn. Please Note: Some have purchased our corn maize binder to use as a bait on a hair or as a hook bait. Our corn maize binder does have attractants added however it is not flavored. If you want flavored maize for baits, please see our flavored carp fishing maize category by clicking here.

Available Panko Flavors:
  • Anise Maize Flavored Panko
  • Banana Flavored Panko
  • Black Cherry Flavored Panko
  • Chickpea Flavored Panko
  • Cinnamon Flavored Panko
  • Cinnamon Banana with Oats Panko
  • Cranberry Flavored Panko
  • Garlic Flavored Panko
  • High Protein Panko
  • Oatmeal Flavored Panko
  • Plain Panko
  • Pineapple Flavored Panko
  • Pomegranate Blueberry Flavored Panko
  • Raspberry Flavored Panko
  • Red Pepper Flavored Panko
  • Strawberry Flavored Panko
  • Strawberry Banana Flavored Panko
  • Watermelon Flavored Panko

Be sure to grab another panko at a lower cost as a 2-pound upgrade. What's even better is you can choose any flavor of panko as an upgrade. Mix and match your panko flavors and save! Panko add-on purchases also come with our free corn maize binder.

Mixing Instructions:
Drain the fluid off the included corn binder. Mix very well with the panko mix. You will need a can of cream corn (not included). Start with half a can of cream corn, mix in your panko. Keep adding the cream corn until the panko reaches your desired consistency. You may also choose to use the fluids in the binder rather than cream corn however cream corn works much better.