Hemp and Krill Stick Mix - 1 Kilo

  • $9.50

Hemp and Krill Stick Mix 1 Kilo

This is our Hemp and Krill Stick Mix. This is the perfect mixture of Hemp products, oats, maize's, flavoring, krill and other carp attractant's. This is a very well designed stick mix using all the cool things carp love. On top of the mix in the photo is a pile of pellets we include on the side free of charge. A great addition to your stick mix if you so choose.

This stick mix is 100% PVA Friendly! This mix is designed for PVA actually. This mix is good for any weather condition or water temp as well. Dissovles and distributes as it should.

This is 1 Kilo and ready to use Hemp and Krill Stick Mix.

  • Stick Mix (recommended)
  • Spod Mix (recommended)
  • Pack Bait (kind of heavy)
  • Ground Bait (Use As a Spod Mix)

Our Hemp and Krill Stick Mix can be used for noted above instances but we highly recommend using as a Stick Mix as this is what this mix was designed for.

Our Hemp and Krill Stick Mix is a second to none stick mix, this mix does exactly what it is designed to do and that is attract carp to your swim. We include some of our carp fishing pellets to try out in the mix at no additional charge.