2.2 Pounds Hemp Seeds - 1 Kilo Hemp Seeds
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2.2 Pounds Hemp Seeds - 1 Kilo Hemp Seeds

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2.2 Pounds (1 kilo) Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are a perfect carp fishing bait, carp can't resist a good pile of hemp seeds. Be sure not to over do it with hemp seeds as the carp will temd to focus on the hemp seed and resist your other baits. Use the hemp seeds with some restrictions. If you want carp, good hemp seed baits are hard to beat as long you use correctly.

To prepare hemp seeds and please pay attention must be done so no harm comes to the fish.

Place your hemp seeds in a large bowel. So let's say you use 3-cups of hemp seeds. You would add 3-cups of water and allow the seed to soak 24-hours. Bring the seed to a good boil, reduce the heat and slow boil for about another 15-minutes. Many will tell you half an hour however after a 24-hour soak a 15-minute boil is sufficent.

If you want your hemp seeds to be a good dark black, add 2-teaspoons of baking soda before your start your boil. After boil is complete, allow your seed to completely cool naturally at room temp. Add your flavoring or add to your mixes and you're ready to set your lines.

????? - How many cups of hemp seeds are in a kilo or 2.2 pounds? You get about 8 1/2 cups of hemp seeds for-kilo.

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