Angler Carp Baits Returns and Exchanges

We understand that returns and exchanges are very important to our customers. We have therefore hopefully answered any questions you may have about returns or exchanges on this page. If your questions aren’t answered here, be sure to contact us.

Number of Day’s Offered:
We offer a 30-day exchange or refund policy. This mostly applies to fishing gear, equipment or any other type of product that is used over long periods of time. A perfect example is a fishing reel, a fishing rod or this sort of product. Below we will attempt to break down products types for a more complete understanding.

Products Other Than Baits:
For any type of product that is used for fishing other than baits, you are covered under the 30-day exchange/refund policy. For example, you purchased a reel that does not work or malfunctioned within 30-days or was not what you ordered, you are completed covered. Simply contact us, we will issue a form to complete and start the process immediately.

Manufactured Baits:
Baits are a totally different subject for exchanges or refunds. We make our baits fresh to order. You will always receive fresh baits. Unfortunately, us nor any other bait company can guarantee you will catch fish with fishing baits. Your fishing techniques, where you fish and many other factors dictate if you will catch fish. We can guarantee our baits have caught many large fish however one must keep in mind our baits are tested by professional anglers.
Our manufactured baits are completely guaranteed for the following.

  • Shipped 100% fresh.
  • Shipped to arrive quickly.
  • Shipped in sealed packaging.
  • Completely covered for damage during shipping.

Our manufactured baits are guaranteed to arrive unharmed during shipping. If your products are damaged we cover it completely including shipping cost. If your package arrived damaged, take pictures before opening the box, take pictures of all products inside the box and contact us. We’ll get right on it for you guaranteed same day you contact us.

Live Baits:
Live baits are 100% guaranteed to arrive live and healthy. It is imperative to try and have someone home when live baits are delivered. This helps to keep the baits from sitting out in the hot or cold weather. Once again, should your live baits arrive dead or damaged, contact us immediately, we 100% live and healthy delivery of live baits.

Not What You Ordered (baits)
Please be very sure when you order baits either our baits or our live baits you order what you want. We cannot just exchange baits because you want something different. You should always check and double check before you make payment you are ordering what you want. If we sent the wrong product (baits) and you can show us that, you keep what we sent and we send the correct baits. We always stand behind our customers.

We will never leave a customer hanging. If you feel you need a refund or exchange, contact us, we guarantee a same day response and we also guarantee we will do what it takes to make you happy with your purchase.