About Us

How We Began Business:

Our entire family and all friends are avid carp and cat fishing anglers. After all of the years using crazy baits and purchasing baits from others, we decided it’s time to develope our own baits. We began researching what works and what doesn’t work as far as baits. In addition being long time anglers, we pretty much knew what works and what doesn’t in the first place. So off we go, we started at this point developing our own baits that turned into such a passion we opened to the public.

How Long In Business:

We have learned all users of our baits and even new customers want to know how long we have been in business. Well, we don’t blame you there we are the same way when we purchase online.

Starting back at the concept, the planning and beginning of our business plan, we are at 3-years. One must understand, we were making and testing baits all over the USA for over a year before we even began distributing our baits to the public. So in essence we have been in business for better than 3-years however over a year of this time was distributing our baits to field testers only. Our baits have been extensively tested all over the USA and Canada too. Our baits have made many very large catches and continue to catch in swims that no other baits catch in.

How We Operate:

All of our baits are made by us fresh to order. By fresh to order we mean fresh to order. We feel our baits need to be delivered fresh and not have been sitting on a shelf somewhere. During the time we spent developing and field testing our baits we also were in the process of setting up to produce fresh baits at all times. We are able to produce your order in one days time no matter the size or quantity of the order. It’s all about precision and organization. You can rest assured you are getting fresh baits at all times with us.

You can feel comfortable when you place an order with us, it will ship fast. We always aim at next day shipping, this is very important to us to make sure our customers receive their products fast. Please keep in mind however we do not ship on weekends.

What We Guarantee:

We believe our customers deserve the best. In many cases we ship a free product along with your order. For instance if you order a flavored maize, we may also include a flavored chickpeas or some other product. This is our way of saying thanks to our customers. We believe in taking care of our customers. Your baits will always arrive fresh arrived package where you can use some now and save some for later. Our flavored has been perfected and our baits hold the flavors in the water including our cold water baits.

Let Us Brag For You:

You work on a swim, you hike to the banks, you sit in cold weather just to make a catch. We get it, we do it too. Share your catches with us and let us brag for you to the world. We are proud of our customers catches and we will show case your catch for you.

Always Feel Free To Speak With Us:

We are here at all times for our customers. In today’s world you don’t have the time to sit and talk on the telephone, we get that. Our business telephone is equipped to handle text messages to keep up with the times and help busy people be able to communicate with us. Feel free to call, text or email us anytime.