Mixing and Using Carp Fishing Panko Mixes

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In this article we will cover mixing our panko mixes. We have many questions presented to us about how we mix our panko. To begin with let's cover panko a bit.

Our panko is very different than bread crumbs you would purchase in a grocery store. Our panko is processed by us, it has nutirents, salts, flavors and attractants added. We take the time to process our panko as orders are received to assure you always get fresh panko.

We highly recommed you use panko rather than a pack bait in the winter. This is to keep from over feeding the carp with freebies in the cold water. In addition the panko is much lighter and makes it way through the water easier. This helps to trigger the carp to feed faster. Its easier for carp to digest in the cold and this is much of what carp are seeking in cold water.

We offer a nice selection of panko. If you look through our panko by clicking this link, you will also see we even send you a corn maize binder to mix your panko with. No other bait company offers this. Our panko is proven to work by carp anglers. Once again, click this link to see our big selection of panko mixes.

We suggest mixing your panko lightly. In other words, you don't need to add a bunch of attractants to our panko, it is already added for you. We suggest 2-ways of mixing as noted below. Remember, a binder is already sent to you for your panko.

Mixing Method 1:
Drain the fluid off the included corn maize. Mix the corn maize very well in your panko mix. Add the fluid little by little until you get the panko exactly how you want it. Many mix this way but our prefered method of mixing is method 2 noted below.

Mixing Method 2:
Drain the fluid off the included corn maize. Mix the corn maize very well in your panko mix. Add one-can of cream corn. Mix very well and your off and running. Remember the binder is included, see this link to learn more about our panko.

You really can't go wrong with panko especially in cold water. Many offer just plain panko. Our panko goes to the next level. You don't need to mix any flavors, salts or attractants of any kind with our panko. It's already done for you. We have many great flavors available that put carp on the mats. Want to see more about our panko? Click here to learn more and see all of our great flavors.

In closing this article, we have many great premium carp baits. We take the time to assure all baits go out the door fresh and ready to use. To see our large list of great carp baits, click this link. You will be taken to our large category list of carp baits.

Angler Carp Baits would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article. We wish all carp anglers the best of luck with your next session.

Angler Carp Baits Strongly Supports Catch and Release!

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