Dip Bait Enhancers and Bait Scents

Dip Bait Enhancers and Bait Scents

5.25 Ounces or
155 Ml

Sorry for the delay and neglect of posting new articles to our site and to FB. It's been a busy holiday season. We are now back in full swing with our site and soon we will be releasing a complete line of stick, particle and spod baits. Keep watching to subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated on the release.

For now we would like to announce the release of 5-new dip bait scents and bait enhancers. 5 awesome flavors and fully ready for use. These are very high quality enhancers (scents). Made 100-percent fresh with real fresh fruits. Don't worry, your scents will stay good as we do use good quality preservatives.

Super clingy to your bait and enhances your bait to get your swim going. This is a quality bait dip that works and works well.

With our dip bait enhancers we guarantee one thing. Top Quality period! Learn more about our sweet fruit based dip bait enhancers below.
Our sweet fruit dip bait enhancers are not just a huge crap load of fake flavoring thrown together. We make all of our dip bait enhancers 100-percent from scratch using real fresh fruit. The only ingredient that can be considered artificial is our preservatives so your dip bait enhancer does not spoil.

Available Dip Bait Enhancer Flavors:

  • Banana Dip (nutrients and attractants added with real fruit)
  • Blackberry Dip (nutrients and attractants added with real fruit)
  • Pineapple (nutrients and attractants added with real fruit)
  • Raspberry Dip (nutrients and attractants added with real fruit)
  • Strawberry Dip (nutrients and attractants added with real fruit)

Our dip bait enhancers are also a perfect compliment to our stick baits and can be used as your liquid mixer for our particle and spod baits. Perfect flavors and awesome attractants make a perfect fit for our other baits. To view all of our new bait scents and enhancers,Click here to go to our online carp bait store. In addition, you can purchase directly below, either way, we will get our awesome scents right out to you for your next session.

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