Cold Water Carp Fishing Tactics

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In this short article we will discuss a bit about carp fishing in cold waters. Put on your hat and gloves and dig right in to this article.

The majority of carp anglers choose to fish for carp in the srping, summer and autum months. It's possibly because they feel catching carp in the winter months is a lost cause. A few we have spoken with have stated the feeling of thinking carp don't eat in the winter months and head out to deeper water. Although this is true to a certain extent, remember carp have to eat in the winter also.

There are a good number of die hard carp anglers that will target large carp in the winter months. This type of carp angler understands large carp feed year around just in smaller numbers. You must adapt to the change of the season to catch the large carp.

We caution you not to over do it when you pre-bait in cold weather. This will in fact defeat the purpose of pre-baiting. Carp eat less in the winter months. We actually encourgae you to under bait in these type of conditions. Your swims will be smaller so over baiting may just work against you.

In addition to using smaller amounts when pre-baiting, we also recommend using smaller baits. Maize or sweet corn topped off with a pop-up seems to work well. In addition we also recommend you use a panko based product versus a pack bait.

You should also consider switching up flavors to a more spice related flavoring. Just a few switch up's in the bait and the tactics you use can make a huge different in your success in cathching carp in cold water.

Angler Carp Baits has a large amount of good cold water baits for carp fishing. Click here to see our selection of cold water carp fishing baits.

In closing this article, just remember smaller portions, smaller baits and changing your flavoring will make a huge difference in the winter motnhs. We hope this helped and feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

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