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In this article we will cover carp care. This article is mainly for newcoming carp anglers as most all seasoned carp anglers already practice carp care. As I begin this article, I will show a few images that shows pure disregard for carp. Hopefully all of us seasoned carp anglers will be able to teach new up and coming carp anglers how to care for the carp they catch.

No No No
I have as well as I'm sure many of you experienced carp anglers have seen is someone using equipment that cannot handle a large carp or even equipment that will injure a carp.

Treble Hooks

I have read on forums and other places online of those using treble hooks for carp fishing doughbaits. An absolute NO NO. If you are a new carp angler and use treble hooks, STOP this right away we urge you! There are hooks made for carp fishing. Treble hooks will cause severe damage to the carps mouth. This is an unacceptable method to use when carp fishing. Unfortunately we do have those that will use treble hooks no matter what. This type of behavior is very harmful and shows utter disrespect for the carp.

Fishing Rods - Fishing Reels - Fishing Line
Not using the proper rods, reels and fishing line can cause harm to the carp. Here is an example that would cause any experienced carp angler to have a freak out attack and this is a true story.

It was just this summer (2017). I was fishing for carp at one of my favortie carp fishing spots. A middle aged gentleman that says he is experienced in carp angling wanted to fish with us as I was not fishing alone. Of course as any friendly carp angler would do, I was more than happy to help out. We set this guy up with the proper rig and even shared baits.

Right off the bat it was apparent this guy had no experience in carp angling at all. We proceeded to explain to this gentlman his gear would not handle what we pull out of the waters in this spot. We always pull out 25+ pounders in this spot. Luckily he blanked that day while we put a 35-pounder and a 26-pounder on the mats that day.

The following day as we returned for another session this gentleman was there and a bit later hooked a carp. The carp broke the line in no time at all. This guy was using a small rod for pan fishing with 4-pound test line. I don't need to tell experienced carp anglers anymore than this. The guy proceeded to tell me this is the 3rd time today this has happended. I explained once again his equipment is not designed for this style of fishing.

His next words still haunts both of us that were on the banks to this day. This man said I don't care if I get them out of the water I just want to see them.

Out of anger we packed up and left our session early. This type of behavior is harmful and disrespectful for the carp. If you are new to carp angling be sure your equipment will handle a strong hard fighting large carp. In just one-day this man left 3-carp swimming the waters with a hook in it's mouth and many yards of fishing line trailing behind it. Shameful when it was explained to this man the proper way to fish for and care for carp.

Point here is, use the proper equipment for carp fishing or don't fish for carp. Carp are big strong hard fighting fish. It takes the proper euqipment to land a big carp safely.

Netting and Holding Carp:
When taking a carp out of the water, use a good quality net. Never grab a carp by the mouth. Grabbing a carp by the mouth will harm the carp. Below is a photo of someone holding a carp by the mouth. Not only is this disrespectful but it does injure the carp. Please never take a carp out of the water by the mouth or hold the carp by the mouth. Use a mess net, the old style nets with knots cause a great deal of harm to carp. If you can't afford the proper net save up until you can. We only sell carp baits, a good place to purchase a quality net is Big Carp Tackle. Speak with Zach with any questions. See below for how not and how to hold a carp.

How Not To Hold A Carp


How To Hold A Carp

Removing The Hook
After you remove the carp from the water, you should always use at the very least an unhooking mat. Never just lay a carp on the ground and especially concrete. Carp are extremely strong, you will not keep them from bashing their heads on the ground. See below for a picture of an unhooking mat. One again we only sell carp baits, a good place to purchase a quality unhooking mat is Big Carp Tackle. Speak with Zach with any questions.

Don't Lay The Carp On The Ground
Below is a picture of a very young carp and a very non-caring or non-experience angler. This is totally unacceptable. Never do this, see about unhooking mats for your catch. See pic below of what not to do.

Unhooking Mat

After getting the carp to the unhooking mat, remove the hook as gently as possible. Be sure your sling is already in place if you plan on getting a weight. In another article we will cover unhooking, weighing, photo's and wound care for carp. Remember, carp need to be in the water to breath, you don't have all day to complete this. On a side note, don't use needle nose pliers to remove a hook. There are tools available to safely remove the hook if you even need a tool normally you don't. Once again, we will cover wound care caused by the hook in another article.

Releasing The Carp:
Never just toss your carp back in the water. Imagine you diving into swim and do a big belly flop, not pleasant is it? That's what happens to a carp when you just toss it in the water. You can gently release the carp every time there is no need to toss it back in the water. Be sure the carp is not in distress. You can use your net, your sling or if accessible to get in the water safely release the carp that way. From setting up your rig to releasing the carp after a catch, carp care should always be your number one priority. If carp care is not priority to you, you should not fish for carp plain and simple.

Always be sure you have your rod secure. Many new carp anglers have lost a rod to carp it is not an uncommon event. Think if you were trying to swin with a hook in your mouth pulling a fishing rod behind you. Always be sure your rod is secure. You can use a rod pod with bite alrams to keep your attention. Very improtant!

In closing, carp care should always be top priority. The carp deserve your respect at all times. As I mentioned, tackle must be able to stand up to a large carp. These are strong hard fighting fish. We only sell carp baits. I highly suggest Big Carp Tackle for getting setup to carp fish if you don't have the proper equipment. Speak with Zack or contact us for questions or suggestions we would be happy to help.

This is just a basic carp care article, we have many more to come on our blog. We offer an awesome selection of carp baits. If you need good quality carp baits, come see us at our online bait store at If it pertains to carp baits, we have you covered.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment on this article. See you on the next carp care article.

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