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Welcome to another of our blog post. This is a very short but also informative post about a few changes that has occured with our company lately.

First off, a huge thank you to our customers and our supporters. We really appreciate it on our end.

Name Change:
As of 12-07-2017, Angler Baits has officially changed names to Angler Carp Baits. For those of you wondering, we are still very much so Angler Baits just a different name. Why? We have dropped all of our catfish baits. We now only manufacture and sell carp baits period!

Website Change:
In addition to our name change, we have also have designed and opened a newly designed website. Our website has under gone extreme changes. Don't fret however if you type in you will go to our new website automatically. There is no need to update bookmarks. Our new url is should you wish to change your bookmarks.

The name change was due to the fact our hearts are in manufacturing carp fishing baits. We and our staff all catfish as well but we prefer to manufacture carp fishing baits. Carp fishing is ours and our staff's passion.

In closing, we once again thank our loyal customers and our friends for the support you have shown us over the last 2-years. It's been a very long hard road getting established but we are here to stay. We are continually testing and researching new products for carp fishing along the way.

Just in case you have not noticed, we are very different than any other carp baits manufacturers. We are not trying to take over the bolie industry as most are. We go back to the basics of carp fishing, the basics catch more and larger carp. Thanks to our field testers and our customers, we are finally getting out there and we enjoy every step we take along the way.

Once again, our new website is located at

Angler Carp Baits Strongly Supports Catch and Release

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